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Radu got wings

At the beginning he approved of the formula with 3 members, then he continued to a solo career, and now he is accompanied by a charming and misterious blonde girl. For the moldovian artist Radu Sirbu, all the roads lead to... success. Soon he will atack Europe in a musical way.
The artist, who is off for a long time of the perfume of "Dragostea din tei", tried his forces in a solo career. It went great for him. The proof? He managed to round off his earnings, putting the basement of a new project which, due to his own words, represents a big step from the artistic point of view. "When i will release this product i want to detach myself of the style which devote myself. The O-zone style doesn`t represent me anymore, but the new project, which is completely different than the previous one, this is the project of an artist who reached the maturity," said Radu. And, like a singer who respects himself and who has to come with a surprise every season, Radu is not the exception. From now on he will not be solo anymore, but accompanied by a young miss.

Who`s the girl? A sexy interpreter (her name is still kept as a secret) will accompany Radu in his concerts in the nearest future. This isn`t the only surprise. The first single from his new album has english lyrics, in contrast with his solo album - Alone(2006) - which was made for the vernacular market with romanian songs.

The discographic product will be released in the same time in many countries of Europe and the Communion of the Independent States (CSI). The first "lucky", i mean the first country from the promotion list of his new project, will be Russia.

Between 1 and 4 April, Radu Sirbu will go, with his team, to Moscow. One of the biggest clubs of the Russia`s capital city will oper its doors to shelter the official event of the release, artistic "disguised" like a show. The look, the new style, the choreography and the scenography have the modovian artist`s signature. Maybe the O-zone which he breathed all this time gave him force?! Finally, Radu Sirbu got wings! He detached totally from the style to which he had devoted himself.

Source: http://www.jurnalul.ro/articole/117044/radu-a-prins-aripi
tnx Georgi for translation



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