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RadU Sirbu (ex-O-Zone) community
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Best ever community about RadU (Radu Sirbu), former member of the band O-Zone!!!
Radu Sîrbu (also known as Radu Sârbu, RadU, and Picasso) is a Moldovan-Romanian singer. He was born on December 14, 1978, in Peresecina, Moldova. He was part of the former boyband O-Zone and currently lives & works in Bucharest, Romania.

Radu was the oldest member of the former band O-Zone.

He spent most of his childhood in his hometown, however, he moved to Orhei and Bălţi for a time. He went back to Peresecina after the 9th grade in order to finish high school. During the 10th and 11th grade, Radu worked as a DJ at his father's nightclub, and organized musical theatre shows through his studio, "Artshow," which he created for children and teens. In 1996, after graduating, he began his studies at the Chişinău Music Conservatory, as well as teaching vocal classes for children on the side.

In 2001, a man named Dan Bălan was holding casting calls for a band to be called O-Zone. O-Zone used to consist of just Dan and his friend Petru Jelihovski, but even after Petru dropped out, Dan still desired to continue his musical career - hopefully with two others. Arsenie Todiraş (nicknamed "Arsenium") had auditioned successfully, then Radu joined to become the third and final member. As a group, O-Zone became extremely popular in their home country of Moldova, and were able to branch out to their neighbour, Romania. What came after defined the rise of their careers: with the release of two chart-topping albums, Number 1 in 2002 and DiscO-Zone in 2004, they found themselves constantly played on the airwaves throughout Europe, and became fans of many listeners.

O-Zone's dance-pop music consisted of beats and catchy lyrics, able to surpass any language barrier. As Radu himself said, their songs have "positive emotion" - it really doesn't matter if you can't speak or understand Romanian, you just "feel the love" in the music. O-Zone later became well known in France, Russia, Italy, Germany, Romania and the United Kingdom. Their most popular hits included "Despre tine" and "Dragostea din tei". Later, Gary Brolsma of New Jersey made an internet video dance to the song "Dragostea din tei". Gary's internet video helped the group become known in America.

In January 2005, Dan, Arsenie, and Radu announced that O-Zone disbanded, deciding instead to focus on their respective solo careers. With Dan in America making rock music with his band "Balan", and Arsenie launching in Germany under the name Arsenium, Radu is also working on his solo project. In 2005, he worked together with DJ Mahay and released a song called "Dulce". RadU (as this is his new stage name) currently lives in Romania with his wife, and his daughter, Anastasia Dalia. He made a video on his song called "Whap-pa" and released his album "Alone". More recently, he's released his single "Doi străini" ("Two strangers"), and made a video for it. He is also going to release his second solo album.

Radu is planning a tour around East Europe, but there is no detailed information about it yet.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radu_Sîrbu

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